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On the death of
Ivan Illich


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To friends, listeners, readers, guests and the curious

On this website, you will find essays and writings of Ivan Illich and those of some of his friends and collaborators. Because most of the ideas and texts resulted from conversations or collaborative work, we have not organized the material according to each author, but according to the subject of each text.

Furthermore, you will find on this site announcements of meetings and thinkeries "after Illich" that are organized by his friends in Bremen or elsewhere (see "news"). In this section we also list texts that are new on the web site. Since we continuously expand the collection of writings, it might be worth while checking "news" every from time to time (you can get an e-mail alert after each update)

In the archive you will find details programs and materials of events such as the "Oakland table" and some of Illich's lectures in Bremen.

Under the heading of "participants" you will find biographical as well as bibliographical information about some of our closer friends and collaborators.

Unless otherwise stated, copyright is held by the respective author. For any eventual publication please consult with the author, at the given address (see "contact").